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Our focus is always on finding the best people to work with. Our bar is high, but you look ready to take on the challenge.


ThinkMe is built to make your life easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable components.


The next level of managing and tracking your income and team with detailed reports.

NZ Owned

We’ve developed the right digital software to cater to all industries & companies

ThinkMe is a solution
to bring your business to the next level

The ThinkMe is a software solution created and developed by experts in industries based on core organisational values such as trust, transparency, and employee loyalty. Breaking down barriers and building upon relationships between the employer-employee is a path every organisation should try to achieve. Contentment within an organisation ultimately results in customer satisfaction, which is the goal of any company.

Long-running secure software
built to last & constantly updated

The ThinkMe software allows better transparency, productivity, efficiency in business and product management. By digitising your company, operations and functionality become a breeze. ThinkMe is the total one-stop solution catering to your organisation’s personalised needs. ThinkMe is an all-rounder solution. ThinkMe streamlines and enables your organisation to function smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters.

Secure cloud storage with AWS